Seven Rules for Delivering a Machine Learning (ML) Project on Time

Predicting the length of time, it will take to get a Machine Learning (ML) project into production can be tricky. If there is an issue, more often than not, it is likely related to a disconnect between engineering and the data science team. Collaboration between data science and engineering is critical for a Machine learning project, […]

Big Data Analysis: Effective tips to success

big data analysis

Can data especially big data be considered as the new gold? Considering the pace at which data is evolving all across the globe, there is little question. Big data contains huge information and we can extract them by performing big data analysis. Consider the following:  Netflix saves $1 billion per year on customer retention only by […]

How to become a data scientist

Data science

Data science is applied in many field, including in developing self-driving cars. Introduction If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming that you’d like to learn how to become a data scientist. If you’ve already done some research, you’ve probably read dozens of guides that start with “learn linear algebra”, and end 5 years later with […]